Saturday, October 20, 2007

Progress and Fun

I received two wonderful postcards for mail art swaps.
They are both so different and so accomplished.

From them I learned that I could use the stamp as the jumping off place
for the image.... okay, I guess it always is...but their use of color
bothe very different, both exciting.....

I would love to show whast I'm nattering on about, but I would have to
get permission to present them in this context.

They were instructive in my creation of the Autumn postcard....
I hope I have enough energy to make them for more than
the swap.

I use colored pencils and wrote a haiku. My trip to Walmart has resotcked me with colored pencils
a medium that is new to me, too. And red pens--- i was using some discarded red pens
the points thicker than i liked. So now i can write a bit more elegantly on the remaining postcards.

I've transferred the new angel to the inovart smoothcut that just arrived. yes i don't like the material but i
needed and block lareger than my 4 by 5 these are 4 by 6 which still cut off some of her wings....

meanwhile i've drawn a bunch of faces toward creating some face carvings and created a double fairy image to carve.

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