Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So I've neglected all-- well nearly, I don't get to be as in the flow and neglectful I as used to be. I had to shop when the shopping bus came, had to place an order for the cat food, which means having to rise the requisite two hours before, be ready the requisite ten minutes before... etc. But I just had to carve a teensy bit before rolling downstairs and carved again this afternoon.

I comforted my failure with the fall scene by:

1. Changing the positive and negative
2. carving my leaf drawing
3. carving my other fall drawing.

Now I feel better, LOL.

I love the leaves and the other fall scene. I finally figured out that I need to reverse the horizantal in the carving, so I scanned in the autumn road scene and then had photoshop flip it, printed it out and then rubbbed the back with pencil and redrew it on the block.....

Sadly the tracing paper i purchased works not at all on the lino blocks...

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Karoda said...

Hello Akua, I found your blog by searching for carving materials. My art medium is quilting and I like doing creating my own designs on the fabric...been carving for about 2 weeks and I'm now addicted. I do believe I've read your work somewhere, sometime, someplace...I am also a poet but the last 3 years I've put my energies into art quilts. I've bookmarked your blog, Seamless Skin, can be found at