Sunday, October 14, 2007

Waaah! First Failure

I loved this scene.

It reminds me of a picture I took for my nephew Kent to show him what fall looks like in a place where we had hung out in summer-- Spence Crest Nature Center.

This scene though, is more horizontal. And is shows the road, not a path... both more compressed renedering of distances....

and I formatted the picture to my block proportions and then derived a drawing from it. that took a lot of thinking..... how to render those leaf masses.

I just had my first failure--- I tried some foam and the result is muddy and weird
and the same image on lino.... still isn't doing what i wnat it do do..... wondering if
I should make the trees negative vs. positive and leave the leaf mass as the positive... or vice versa--- make the leaves, since they are light, negative... leaving just ribbons of lines to suggest them....

I joined an Autumn Swap and spent the past week also working on the drawing of my angel for an Angel swap.
Then I realized I have a simpler and more lovely angel that i drew last Chrstmas, but not in time to use for Holiday cards.

I haven't found an easy way to transfer....I bought transfer paper and am disappointed that it is less effective than pencil on the back of my drwaing and then redrawing on the lino......

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