Monday, November 12, 2007

Rescued Failure

Conquest and victory are a mosaic composed of defeats. So this failed carving was rethought and I've happily made postcards... another take on this gorgeous Autumn and autmuns past.

I've printed on different media and used markers on one, a surprise to me and on the other two, colored pencils....

Monday, November 5, 2007

Angel Carved

I've carved two angels for the Angel swap. One I like better than the other. It's the one I creaed to be a picture image and then decided to carve. The other I drew in an effort to make an angel, inpsired by the winged cracked egg--- I still want to do that--- of RahXephon.

Anyway, I decided that Angel 2 should be my Holiday Card offering to my family of friends and sought window cards for her. I found none for a long time and finally bought the ones at Walmart.... I actually first sought window cards
for ATCs.

Anyway these window cards for wedding pix, while not the most compelling of frames, does how the Angel, well. And the Angel, p[rinted on the photo paper I got with the printer and never used, printed glossily and easily, leaving an impression far more easily than on the watercolor paper.... hmmm....