Monday, November 5, 2007

Angel Carved

I've carved two angels for the Angel swap. One I like better than the other. It's the one I creaed to be a picture image and then decided to carve. The other I drew in an effort to make an angel, inpsired by the winged cracked egg--- I still want to do that--- of RahXephon.

Anyway, I decided that Angel 2 should be my Holiday Card offering to my family of friends and sought window cards for her. I found none for a long time and finally bought the ones at Walmart.... I actually first sought window cards
for ATCs.

Anyway these window cards for wedding pix, while not the most compelling of frames, does how the Angel, well. And the Angel, p[rinted on the photo paper I got with the printer and never used, printed glossily and easily, leaving an impression far more easily than on the watercolor paper.... hmmm....

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