Monday, March 17, 2008

Home and Poem Carve

Home again....2 years in painful exile and in pain. The house revisioned, changed
yet the spot to rest remains 
my catalpa stands tall
though scarred
and the wild wooly yard
pushes beloved bulbs
through melting snow
o my dear humble cherished

I signed up for a poem swap---pariticipants were to choose
a poem and carve an image for it.
Much as I love carving, I find these editions
of 20 plus, exhausting, and i think this
will be my last. I think I can do 10 comfortably
maybe even 15 but I'm huffing and puffing
on the way to 26.
I had another poem and another image and started
another carve.... that was more about winter.
But this poem arrived and I sketched something beside it,
with my purple pen.

Then I did a pencil sketch

Then I drew on the block
And here's a test print.

I thought i might carve leaves for the trees...
and stamp the green....but
I don't know, depends on energy

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